Disastrous Salmon Season:  Update

The commercial salmon fishery was the smallest since 1951 measured in both pounds  and value.

  • 2019 landingsare the lowest since 1951
  • The value of the salmon harvest is the lowest since 1951 
  • salmon returns(catch plus escapement)  remained the same from 1952-2015.    Catches remained the same from 1952-1994.  But in the mid 1990s DFO policies changed, and salmon harvests fell, while returns were constant during this same period.
  • For the last 20 years (1999-2018) Catches have been 78% less than earlier years while returns (catch plus escapement) remained the same. 


Issue Paper Series

    One pagers by fishermen about problems and solutions for our fisheries:  go to:

Fighting back makes a difference! 

Since 1945, the men and women of our union have struggled through good times and bad.  Our struggles have changed the landscape of our communities and the industry, enriching them as we work for economic and social justice.  Our victories have been many and we take strength from them.  Those victories have come from our members working together in solidarity and diversity.  We take pride in

our diversity - of people and ideas.  We know that solidarity makes us stronger and that fighting back makes a difference.

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