Commercial fishermen must define our place in our fisheries on this coast and that will only happen if we stand together and demand it!   The Union has the infrastructure to allow us to work together to plan the directions our fisheries need to go - to allow fishermen to make a decent living and to help our coastal communities prosper and thrive once more.

 The Union fills the responsibility of a secretariat - coordinating meetings and ensuring that any action items are followed up.  An ‘Associate Membership’ is a commitment by the Associate Member Organization and by the Union to work things out together for the betterment of fishermen.  Together, we could heal the industry splits that have separated us for so long.

  The UFAWU celebrates its diversity and solidarity.  

Our victories have been many and we take strength from them. 

Those victories have come from people working together,

building on dreams of success.

We take pride in our diversity - of people and ideas.  We know that solidarity makes us stronger and that fighting back makes a difference.


To allCommercial Fishermen’s Associations:



        We would like to invite your Association to become an        ‘Associate Member’ to the United Fishermen and Allied Workers’ Union-Unifor.

 There are many benefits when we align ourselves to fight for common goals and objectives for our fishing industry.

 For too long has the DFO divided and conquered - pitting sector against sector.

 It is long past time we once again stand united to protect our rights in our chosen industry.  Together we have the power to demand fair treatment and real and meaningful consultations and actual transparency from our government and the DFO.


An ‘Associate Membership’ is not membership in the Union for individual fishermen. 

It is an invitation to other Associations to work together with each other and with the Union

to discuss industry issues and develop a unity position.