How does the fleet certify?
To apply for certification at the BC Labour Relations’ Board a majority of those working in the seine fleet must sign UFAWU-Unifor membership cards.  No dues are required at this time.   The Union had well over the minimum number of cards and applied for Certification at the Labour Board on August 29, 2018.

The next hurtle is a vote. To win certification, 50% of the vote must be in favour of certifying the Union as the bargaining agent for CFC seine fishermen.

the Labour Board has ordered a mixed style vote -  an in-person vote took place on Friday, September 7th.  The Labour board will send out a mail ballot to those who did not vote on September 7th.

Six weeks after they are mailed out, the Labour Board will count the ballots and will make a declaration on the seine certification.


Benefit Fund information: 

CFC has put out a notice about the United Fishermen's Benefit Fund with many inaccuracies.

Here is a link to the Union's information as supplied by the UFBF audits

CFC SEINE FISHERMEN - certification process



  are now out.

All CFC seine fishermen

- who did not already vote-

should have received a 

from the  Labour Board in the mail.

If you have not got it or will not be home in a week, please contact us:

Joy: 250 600 4814

Conrad: 604 813 1523

Chris: 1 888 624 6625

Why certify?

In the past the Collective Agreements covering the seine fleet
were called the “Salmon Share Agreement” and the “Salmon Price Agreement”.  The United Fishermen's Benefit Fund was part of these Agreements.  These were signed with the companies on a voluntary recognition basis.

 In May, 2018, Canadian Fishing Company sent the Union a letter saying there is no longer a Collective Agreement and refused to make any payments into the Benefit Fund.  CFC said they have no contractual obligation to contribute because there is no Collective Agreement in force.

The only way seiners are going to be able to force CFC to the bargaining table to get a fair Agreement, which includes Benefits, is by certifying the CFC Seine Fleet at the BC Labour Relations Board.



  Contact us, please!

CFC Objections:

Of course CFC does not want the seine fleet to certify. 

So as a technical objection, they have said that all gillnets who fish for CFC must be part of this certification.  This objection will be heard by the Labour Board prior to the vote being counted.