At left, President Kim Olsen at a Professional Fish

Harvesters meeting,  Vice-President, Barry Marcott aboard his gillnetter, the Sun Mariner, and

troller and pawn fisherman, Guy Johnstone, are part of the leadership of the Union.

A signed agreement between the Union and the Vessel Owner, Lease holder or Company  is enforceable by law.

Quota costs can be negotiated for fisheries, like halibut, where they already exist but the lease costs vary from year to year, or from one company to the next.

Share agreements protect everyone.  Vessel owners, companies, lease holders, deckhands and skippers all know what their share is.  By coming to a negotiated agreement, everyone feels that they have a reasonable share of the catch. 

BIG BOAT fishermen, skippers and deckhands, can be covered by Union Share Agreements. 

Some Share Agreements are in effect for UFAWU-Unifor boats only, others are generally followed in the industry, others are now historical reminders of the fleet's power in past years.

If deckhands and skippers unite, they can negotiate share agreements with the employer that set boat shares, net shares, crew shares, skipper shares and things like pre-season gear rates.

FISHERMEN - all gears, all fisheries, all areas

Fishermen take a moment to chat

          ACCESS is the KEY
UFAWU-Unifor has developed expertise to  help unravel the various complex management systems used today.   Our staff and activists meet with top scientists to develop alternatives.

Whether it is the Skeena, Rivers and Smith, or the Fraser, access to sustainable and fair allocation is key to fleet survival.

The Sports sector has unrestricted growth.  Commercial operations demand more of all species with huge negative impacts on the hook and line fleets.

Some First Nations are asserting their rights others are in Treaty Negotiations - all which affect the number of fish available to the regular fishery. 

UFAWU-Unifor staff pulls fishermen together so we can create workable solutions that benefit commercial fishermen. 

The Union has members in every fishery.  The Union is a vehicle for fishermen to share ideas within sectors and across sectors.


UFAWU-Unifor thinks that it makes sense for all working fishermen to be united under one banner- with different fisheries, gear types, and areas having their own distinct voice.

The Union has a Convention every two years that elects the President and Vice President.  The Constitution also provides that each sector with a substantial membership elect their own representative to the Executive Board. This is done by a mail out ballot to the members of that sector.