President Kim Olsen's message to new members

UFAWU-Unifor represents working Fishermen, Tendermen, and Shoreworkers in B.C.  We are a trade union that celebrates its diversity and solidarity. 

  • Access to fish is key.   We fight for sustainable fish harvests that give fishermen and industry workers certainty and stability. 

  • The value of fish should go to working fishers.  Prices should reflect the market.

  • The value added by tendermen and shoreworkers should be reflected in their contracts.

  • Everyone deserves to be safe and to have good working conditions.

Working together moves us forward. 

Hello - The UFAWU encourages all working fishermen, tendermen and shoreworkers to join with the Union to make positive change!  We have a new government and new Fisheries Minister.  United in action we can make the fishing industry a place where all can make a good living.

To Join:
Fishermen, Tendermen, Shoreworkers – you must fill out an Application Cardif you  are not a member and pay a $30 dollar initiation fee.

Fishermen – pay dues once a year.  Cost?   $375 per year

Shoreworkers and Tendermen – your dues automatically come off your pay cheque.  The dues rate is 2.15%.

Associate Organization:
If your organization wants to work together with the Union it can affiliate as an Associate Organization