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Canadian caught fish should be processed In Canada and we are working with Unifor to keep fish processing in Canada.

The Pattison Group's closure of the last production cannery in BC, the Oceanside Plant, has devastated Prince Rupert Shoreworkers.  Fewer than 250 people are working, down from 750 in 2015.  Pink salmon is now sent to Asia for processing - and then is re-imported and sold by in Pattison stores.

The Union has been very active demanding that BC fish should be processed in BC.  We presented the following video to the Canadian Parliament's Fisheries Committee.  The UFAWU-Unifor and our shoreworkers also presented to the BC legislature's Finance Committee.

UFAWU-Unifor believes that Shoreworkers should have access to year around work.  In bargaining, our Negotiation Committee’s  primary goal has been to increase off season processing in our plants.  Our successes have been dogfish, turbot, hake, pollock, and pilchards. 

Our New Work Opportunity Committees are working on additional ideas.

  • If you are sick, you have sick and travel benefits with the Shoreworkers’ Benefit Fund.


  • Union workers have won MSP, Extended Health and Dental. 

  • The Shoreworkers’ Pension Fund was fought for and won in the 1989 strike.

  • For all this, Shoreworkers pay 2.15% in Union dues- which are tax deductible.
  • UFAWU-Unifor Collective Agreements set out the conditions of work and ratesof pay. 

  • All workers have seniority. 

  • Seniority Plans lay out the rules that the company must follow to call you to work.  Problems, or Grievances, are taken up by the Union -  no UFAWU-Unifor worker ever  ‘goes it alone’.

Shoreworkers add value to all different species from herring and salmon through to groundfish, shellfish, and crabs.   We unload, grade, clean, cut, fillet, can, freeze,smoke, tally, package, stack and ship to market.  Our delicious products are sold world-wide.

SHOREWORKERS  - fairness, equality, togetherness