Let’s Talk Fish Habitat --  input until August 28th

Phase 2 of the Let’s Talk Fish Habitat consultation is now online. It's part of the 2012 review of changes to the Fisheries Act. Last fall DFO asked Canadians to share their views on how we can best protect fish and fish habitat in Canada

Fisheries and Oceans Canada is seeking further advice on how to restore lost protections and incorporate modern safeguards through legislative, policy and program changes. Please fill out the survey at the website below.



  • The UFAWU is opposing the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline and tanker project.

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Transcript Volume 168   April 23 2013

18994. MS. THORKELSON (UFAWU): Sure. I am wondering if you analyzed the potential impacts of the project on fisheries.
18995. MR. BRAD FANOS (DFO): So we looked at the project information that was provided by the Proponent, in terms of the impacts associated with the construction and operations, that's where we made our conclusions in terms of there's appropriate mitigations and avoidance measures in place and offset measures that could be applied to ensure there was no impacts to fisheries in terms of the constructions and operations piece.
 18996.  And we have not done an analysis on the detail of an oil spill. There's more information that would be required to complete that kind of analysis.

Damn the dam" screamed newspaper headlines in the '50's, as debate raged for years and the plan to build the ambitious dam polarized opinion. Such disparate organizations as the United Fishermen and Allied Workers Union, the United Church and the New Westminister City Council were vociferous in their combined opposition to the project...   Fishermen pointed out the dam would wipe out the salmon fishery. ...  Fisheries' interests prevailed and the plan was shelved                                                  http://web.archive.org/web/20080725032642/http://www.utubc.com/meeting/meeting22.htm

Tom Parkin,  a UFAWU organizer, was credited as the person who led the successful opposition to the Moran Dam on the Fraser due to his relentless work in the 1950s.

       FISH HABITAT  needs constant protection

The UFAWU has always been at the front of the fight

The UFAWU-Unifor has been concerned about our environment since our founding         in 1945.   

We have been leading the environmental movement since before there were “environmentalists”.   Our members understand the linkages between a flourishing  habitat and healthy environment, viable fish stocks and a productive industry.

 T Buck Suzuki, a Union activist and at one time acting UFAWU President, created a campaign for the preservation of fish habitat and against the dumping of waste into the Fraser River.  He was also a founding member of the Society Promoting Environmental Cooperation (SPEC).


     The T. Buck Suzuki Environmental Foundation was named in his honour.

  • The Union was recognized as a leader in the Kitimat Oil Port (Andrew Thompson) Inquiry in 1977.

  • The Union also was a major submitter in the Offshore Oil Inquiry in 1984-1987 and again in the Priddle hearings on Offshore oil in 2004.

  • The UFAWU was the ONLY fishing organization to act as an intervenor in the Enbridge Northern Gateway Hearings in 2012-2013



Fish farms,  LNG,  Estuaries,  Marine Planning - the Union and our members are engaged in it all.

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