If you  have retired, are 60 years or older, and have after 10 years of continuous UFAWU membership, you can apply for your Honourary Membership within 1 year of retiring.

UFAWU-Unifor Honourary Membership Dues are $36 per year. 

One of the Benefits of being an Honourary Tenderman Member is your eligibility for RETIREMENT BENEFITS from the UNITED FISHERMEN'S BENEFIT FUND

Go to the United Fishermen's Benefits Page to see Retired Members Benefits

You are also covered by the United Fishermen's Benefit Fund.   Click on the link below to download or print the forms.

  • United Fishermen's Benefit Fund Coverage Leaflet

  • Extended Health   additional coverage to the contract coverage above

  • Dental     a     additional coverage to the contract coverage above

  • Weekly Indemnity    for missed work due to sickness, maternity or accident not covered by WCB or ICBC

  • Hospital          to help cover any hospital costs for nights spent in hospital

  •                                   assistance for out of Town Travel for Medical Treatment

  •                        to help with the loss of personal items

  • Loss of Life       to assist your family

  •                                to help you

    For information or assistance, call the United Fishermen's Benefit Fund at 604 519 3634  or

    Tendermen have Severance Pay under certain conditions.  If you lose your job due to the

    company closing down or merging with another or if you retire between 60-70 years old or

    if you become ill.   Click on the severance pay button for details and contact the UFAWU.

    The Tendermen's Collective Agreement has coverage formedical, dental and extended health benefits.

    These benefits are in adddition to your Benefit Fund coverage below.   Contact the company to enroll.

    These Benefits were won by tendermen through UFAWU negotiations and struggle.

    Tendermen covered by UFAWU contracts have  BENEFITS

      Tendermen's severance pay

      Tendermen's Pension

      Medical, Dental and Extended             Health Benefits 

      Benefit Fund coverage:  

    • Dental and Extended Health
    • Lost Time due to Accident or Sickness or Maternity
    • Hospital
    • Travel to an out of town doctor
    • Shipwreck
    • Loss of Life
    • Total Disability


    Tendermen are covered by theTendermen's Pension Plan.  You are automatically enrolled in the Pension Plan once you have.....  and you will receive your Pension Statements each spring.  Your pension is complex and any questions should be directed to the Pension Fund at 604 519 3636  or