For all this, UFAWU Tendermen pay 2.15% Union Dues, which are tax deductible.


  • Tendermen can be covered by medical and dental from their company as well as severance pay under certain conditions.

  • The Fishermen’s Benefit Fund also covers tendermen with sick/maternity, travel, death, dental and other benefits.


  • UFAWU-Unifor Tendermen have a Pension Plan.  See the Pension Plan for details.

Tendermen, by transporting fish

from the fishing grounds to the processing plant, provide a central service by keeping  harvesters fishing and the plants full.

Collective Agreement

  • Tendermen work aboard boats and have a Collective Agreement
  • This Contract sets out working conditions and a day rate of pay for each day worked.  The day rates vary according to job classification and tonnage of the vessel. 
  • Additionally there are extra payments for items like food, ice and cross pumping. 
  • The Collective Agreement also provides UFAWU-Unifor tendermen with seniority according to years of service to their employer.
  • See the Collective Agreement for details.

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