Issue Paper #2 - Roe Herring - Kim Olsen

November 30, 2015                               

Canfisco closes cannery.

   Licence privileges should be removed.

The Fisherman was established in 1937 as a bi-weekly news paper by the Salmon Purse Seiners Union and the Pacific Coast Fishermen's Union.  The two Unions merged with the Fish Cannery, Reduction Plant and Allied Workers' Union and became the UFAWU In 1945.   The UFAWU continues to publish The Fisherman  in a reduced online format.

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Issue Paper #3 - FOPO Report - Joy Thorkelson

                         Motion to dissolve The Fisherman Publishing Society
Whereas The Fisherman Publishing Society no longer publishes "The Fisherman” newspaper,
And whereas the Society pays on average $2600.00 a year for an audit of the Society which no longer publishes as it has in the past.
Therefore the General Executive Board of the UFAWU-Unifor recommends that The Fisherman Publishing Society incorporation #S-0002578 should be dissolved. The GEB requests that the Registrar dissolve this Society.
All assets of the Society should be transferred to the UFAWU-Unifor to go towards the debt the Society owes the Union.
This motion was made and passed by the GEB on December/ 16 /2015

Kim Olsen president UFAWU-Unifor

Issue Paper 1-   invitation - Kim Olsen

January 11, 2016                             

Article by Dr Evelyn Pinkerton, Kim Olsen,            Art Davidson, Henry Clifton and Joy Thorkelson

Why ITQs impoverish fishermen

 Is everything really okay in your fishery?

The UFAWU is sponsoring a series of "ISSUES PAPERS"  to encourage fishermen from many different fisheries to talk about problems and solutions for our industry. 

We are looking to get fishermen to write these papers  (1 pagers) from the point of view of their particular fishery.   

 All Issues Papers will be printed and distributed under the respected banner of  The Fisherman.  A separate website is being constructed for the 'ISSUE PAPERS SERIES'  and there will be a comment section after each PAPER.

We encourage writers to submit many different viewpoints about problems in our fisheries and solutions.  It takes ideas from all fishermen from all fisheries to build new fishery policies that will benefit working fishermen.

We will print, distribute and post all Issues Papers that we receive, no matter what the writer’s viewpoint, as long as the Papers are not defamatory.